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    We are always receiving new products in the store and they will appear here first.
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    This is the space to check out items that have been discontinued and, as a result, their prices have been discounted.
  • 03 Rods

    03 Rods (15)

    Frontier Fly Fishing is the South African distributor for Sage fly rods, reels and apparel. In addition to the Sage brand, Frontier Fly Fishing also markets its own in-house rod brand under the Horizon name.
  • 04 Reels

    04 Reels (23)

    Frontier Fly Fishing is the distributor of exceptional reels brands including Abel, Ross, Sage and Waterworks Lamson. In addition to these fantastic reel brands Frontier Fly Fishing also offers a range of reels under its Horizon name.
  • 05 Fly Lines

    05 Fly Lines (53)

      Scientific Anglers began with three men (Leon P. Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers) and a single vision, transposed into a company spanning across the globe, influencing the way modern fly fishermen interpret and practice our sport. The cast, the rods, the reels, and the flies all connect through the cotter pin of fly fishing: the fly line. Scientific…
  • 06 Leaders Tippet Backing

    06 Leaders Tippet Backing (30)

    Frontier Fly Fishing distributes the world's two premium leader and tippet brands - Scientific Anglers and Trouthunter. Both manufacturers produce what are considered the best leader and tippet material on the market with the highest breaking strain for their diameters. If you're looking for the best leaders and tippet material on the market then look no further than these two…
  • 07 Boots and Waders

    07 Boots and Waders (23)

    Frontier Fly Fishing distributes Simms Fishing Products - the world's leading manufacturer of waders, wading boots and wading accessories. Simms is far and away the leader where wading boots (both fresh- and saltwater) and waders are concerned and have been ever since John Simms started the company back in 1980. Tom Lewin and Dean Riphagen both had Simms Guide Waders…
  • 08 Clothing

    08 Clothing (62)

    There's a saying in the fly-fishing business - "there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing". Simms is the market leader when it comes to fly-fishing apparel and are at the forefront of fly-fishing apparel design. If you're looking for a Solarflex shirt for the saltwater flats of a rainshell for your stream or stillwater fishing, Simms…
  • 09 Bags Packs and Vests

    09 Bags Packs and Vests (65)

    Frontier Fly Fishing distributes bags, packs and vests from the world's two premier manufacturers - Simms and Fishpond. Between these two brands you'll find a vest, pack or a bag to suit your needs. If you're looking for a conventional vest then Simms has a product to fit the bill. If you're looking for a vest that's more funky and…
  • 10 Float Tubing

    10 Float Tubing (8)

    All the staff members at Frontier Fly Fishing are avid float tubers and have been tubing since float tubes first made their appearance on the South African fly-fishing scene in the form of the Fishmaster float tube in the early '80s. Thanks to our float tubing experience we designed our own float tube - the Troutstalker - from the ground…
  • 11 Fly Tying Materials

    11 Fly Tying Materials (291)

    All of the staff members here at Frontier Fly Fishing are avid fly-tyers and some of us at Frontier Fly Fishing have been tying flies for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of tying materials in the country. If you're going to take your fly-fishing even remotely seriously then you'll need to start tying your…
  • 13 Flies

    13 Flies (89)

    We keep a comprehensive selection of flies for the fly-fisherman. Our store carries a range of flies tied by Arno Laubscher's Scientific Fly which cover all the options where patterns for trout and yellowfish are concerned. In addition we carry a comprehensive range of saltwater patterns that will cover everything from giant trevally to grunter. We also carry a range…
  • 14 Fly Boxes

    14 Fly Boxes (32)

    Frontier Fly Fishing is the South African distributor of C&F Design and Tacky fly boxes. Between these two brands you'll find a box to meet your every need. These two brands are the premier brands when it comes to fly box design. Although there are Chinese companies that have cribbed the C&F Design boxes, they are nowhere near the quality…
  • 15 Accessories

    15 Accessories (141)

    Frontier Fly Fishing carries a complete line of fly-fishing accessories to meet the needs of all South African fly-fishermen.
  • 16 Eyewear

    16 Eyewear (27)

    Frontier Fly Fishing carries a premium line of polarised eyewear for fly-fishing - Maui Jim -  and a cheaper line of eyewear - Bourbon - for fly-fishermen who don't want to break the bank when buying polarised sunglasses. Maui Jim polarised sunglasses are, without question, the finest polarised sunglasses ever made and are superior in every way to the other…
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