Sage Trade-In Program

Our Sage Trade-in Program offers existing Sage rod owners the opportunity to upgrade their current Sage rod to the latest model in a simple manner.

We sell your rod for you and offset the cost of a new rod with the proceeds, thus keeping your quiver of rods up to date and keeping you on the forefront of technology.

Casting Tuition

Casting is at the heart of what distinguishes fly-fishing from other forms of fishing. And having the ability to cast well will improve you fly fishing experience, increase your catch rate, and make your fishing day far more enjoyable.

We offer casting lessons for all levels of fly fishers; whether you have only just started your fly-fishing journey, or you are looking for improved accuracy, greater distance or want to improve your line control, we can help you.

Rod, Reel or Wader Service and Repairs

Keeping your gear in working order will improve your fishing experience and increase your catch rate. We will service or repair any of the brands we distribute and will assist with brands we do not.

We offer in-store rod repairs, reel services and wader repairs. If we are unable to help in the shop, we can manage the process of returning the item to the manufacturer or steer you in the direction of the correct agent.

Tour Outfitting

Our team has fished all over the world and have a working knowledge of the equipment required no matter your destination.

We offer a full range of equipment for all destinations globally, and if items are not stocked we will obtain items that are required, either locally or via our global partners.

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