Bring your current, factory-built Sage fly-rod to our shop, or post it to us if you are not based in the greater Johannesburg area. We will evaluate the condition of your rod and determine its second-hand value. Once we have determined the rod’s second-hand value and both parties (Frontier Fly Fishing and the seller) have agreed on a maximum (and minimum) resale value, we will attempt to sell the rod at the highest value that we have determined the rod is worth. Once we have sold your rod the value can be offset against the cost of a new, factory-built Sage fly-rod. This trade-in programme is only available for factory-built Sage fly-rods. Once we have sold your current rod, the value we have managed to obtain for the rod can only be used to offset the price of a new factory-built Sage fly-rod.

Casting is at the heart of what distinguishes fly-fishing from other forms of fishing. Before you ingrain bad habits, learn to cast properly – it will change your fly-fishing forever. Frontier Fly Fishing offers casting lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced casters. Whether you have never held a fly-rod before or just have a little niggle that needs ironing out, our team of experienced casting instructors will have you casting like a pro in no time at all. Lessons are one hour long and are conducted on the grounds of St. Stithians College during weekdays from 9am – 4pm.

Should you wish to arrange a casting lesson please call the shop on +27 11 4639048 to arrange a casting lesson with a staff member.

Proper care and regular servicing of your reel will prolong its life and ensure that you don’t lose the fish of your dreams because of a reel malfunction. Frontier Fly Fishing has a fully equipped reel servicing station and we carry most of the spares required to service the reel brands we sell. Planning that trip of a lifetime? Bring in your reel and we’ll make sure it’s in tip-top condition before you head off. When you return, bring your reels to us and we’ll give them a full service thereby ensuring years of good, reliable use.

Sage offer the best guarantee in the fly fishing rod world. We handle all Sage rod repairs no matter how old your rod is, or the condition it’s in. Sage will remake the section that is broken according to the specifics of the rod, thereby bringing your trusty fishing companion back to life.

Give us a call at the shop, or just bring your rod into the shop, and we will get it back to you as soon as possible.

Frontier Fly Fishing has been guiding and hosting trips to the world’s finest locations since 2002. When it comes to the right gear, we’ve got the experience, top brands and an extensive range of fly-fishing gear to give you the edge, no matter what the conditions. From tiny mountain streams to exotic tarpon trips to Costa Rica, Frontier Fly Fishing will equip you with rods, reels, lines, flies, shirts, hats, jackets, hip-packs ….. you name it, we’ve got it. Whether you’re joining us on one of our legendary local- or overseas trips or just doing your own thing, make us your first choice for gearing up.

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