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Warwick Mills Snake Armor Snake Gaiters are simply the best snake gaiters on the market. If you do a lot of fishing off the bank at venues like Sterkfontein then it’s a matter of time before you’ll run into a venomous snake like a puff adder. Warwick Mills Turtleskin Snake Armor offer 100% snakebite protection from the foot up to the knee. Turtleskin Snake Armor come in a reversible khaki/camo colour. One size fits most men and women.

Best Snake Protection for Hunting and Hiking

Most clothing made to stop snake bites is heavy, rigid and bulky. Using a mere 6 oz. fabric, TurtleSkin SnakeArmor is one-third the weight of other snake protection hunting gear, yet has been tested to stop the bites of even large puff adders.

Reversible Design

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor’s reversible gaiters are designed so that you can wear either the natural camo pattern or easily reverse it to the lighter khaki side.

Super Protective and Easy to Wear

Made from a blend of high-strength ballistic fibres and polyester in a super-tight weave, SnakeArmor gaiters are also windproof, waterproof and flexible. Simply close up the back and cinch the elastic top for a snug fit.


  • One third the weight of other hunting clothes
  •  Waterproof
  •  Cool and breathable
  •  Reversible design
  •  Flexible and soft material for quiet walking
  •  Patented materials