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Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit has enough materials for thousands of flies. It addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of materials. It’s ideal for any level of experience, in all areas of the craft. There is a heavy emphasis on new materials such as Glister, Cactus Chenille and Krystal Flash. The hooks supplied cover a variety of tying applications. Also included is a basic set of tools including a vice.
Veniard’s Premium Fly Tying Kit has won many awards over the years, the latest being the Gold 2017 ‘Total Fly Fisher Magazine’ Award. It is also Gold Rated by totalflyfisher.com

Materials Included:

1 Mixed Marabou
1 Block Plastazote
1 Mixed Glister Sparkle
1 Stickle Dub
1 Zonker Strip
2 Seal’s Fur Substitute
1 Goose Biot Mixed Colours
1 Peacock Herl
1 Grey Duck & Hen Pheasant Quills
1 Mixed Cock Pheasant Tails
1 Mixed Squirrel Tails
1 Assorted Gold & Silver Beads
1 Damsel Eyes
1 Natural Grey CDC
1 MOP Chenille 2 Colours
1 Cactus Chenille 2 Colours
1 ½ each Cock Cape Natural Red & Dyed Black
1 Super Stretch Floss – 2 Colours
1 Krystal Flash
1 Deer Hair
2 Magic Glass Nymph Body Material
1 Ready Stripped Hackle Quils
1 Assorted Colours Holographic Tinsel
1 Bottle Cellire Varnish
1 Assorted Hooks
1 Partridge Neck Hackle Assorted
1 Suede Chenille – 3 Colours
1 Piece Fly Tyers Wax
2 Spools 6/0 Wisp Thread – Black & Olive
1 Spool Uni-2-Tone Gold & Silver Mylar Tinsel
1 Spool Lead Wire
1 spool each Gold and Silver Wire Tinsel
2 Spools Glo-Brite Floss
1 Spools Glo-Brite Multi Yarn
1 Spool Pearl Mylar Tinsel

Tools Included:

1 Veniard No.12 Lever Vice
1 Ceramic Insert Bobbin Holder
1 Rotary Whip Finish Tool
1 Gold Loop Scissors
1 Dubbing Needle
1 Non-Skid Hackle Plier
1 Booklet – Fly Tying For The Beginer – Trout



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