Tiemco 206BL

R85.00 incl.


  • Super versatile fly hook with curved shank
  • Caddis pupa & larva, floating nymph, emerger, Soft Hackle and Parachute-style hook
  • 2X Short
  • 1X-3X Variable fine
  • Curved shank
  • Barbless
  • Black
  • The eye is slightly up-turuned on this model. The shank, on the otherhand, curves gradually down towards the rear, which makes the hook really well-balanced. It rides in the water in the same way as a straight-eyed hook does. This is an excellent choice for caddis pupa imitations, floating nymphs, emergers, Soft Hackle flies, Parachute-style dries, CDC dries, shrimp patterns and many others.
  • 20 hooks per pack