Our Brite Beads(TM) have a patented counter drilled hole to allow them to be easily added to most any hook shank. Our Brite Beads are different that those of our competitors in that pay the extra price and go to the extra effort to ACID ETCH THE GOLD PLATING on each bead. It is not a cheap or fast process….but the results speak for themselves. You get a bead that has a uncompromising finish and a bead that will not tarnish. (unlike our competitors who obviously don’t care). Each and every bead has a gem like finish any Jeweler would be proud of. I like to think of it this way. If your going to spent the time and trouble to tie you own flies why not spent the extra FEW CENTS to get the very best. Be proud of the flies you tie and know you can always count on Spirit River’s quality and commitment to service and innovation. THERE IS NO BETTER BEAD THAN OUR’S. These are similar to others beads called Cyclops Beads, and Dazzle Brass Beads.

20 beads per packet


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