Scientific Anglers Mastery Infinity

R1,590.00 incl.


Scientific Anglers Mastery Infinity is a versatile fly line designed for a wide range of fishing applications. Its powerful design allows for long distance casting of streamers, while still maintaining the delicacy needed for dry flies. The line has a smooth mending ability, allowing for precise fly placement at all distances. The line is built a half-size heavy with a long head and substantial front taper, making it suitable for catching a variety of species, from trout and panfish to pike and steelhead. The name “Infinity” implies that the line’s versatility is endless.


  • Extremely versatile general-purpose taper designed for most freshwater species; an excellent line for trout, grayling, panfish, bass, carp, steelhead, salmon, and pike
  • Made a half-size heavy to load fast-action rods, but works well with a variety of rod actions
  • Extended head length for long-distance casts and superior mending ability
  • Excellent for dry flies, nymphs, and streamers
  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • Braided multifilament core
  • SA MS INFNTY WF X F (X = line weight)


WF-3-F 47.0’ 90.0’ 110
WF-4-F 48.0’ 90.0’ 130
WF-5-F 49.0’ 90.0’ 150
WF-6-F 50.0’ 90.0’ 175
WF-7-F 51.0’ 90.0’ 200
WF-8-F 52.0’ 90.0’ 225