Scientific Anglers Launch Pad

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Scientific Anglers Launch Pad is the perfect addition to your boat. It will keep your line from blowing around in the wind. The spikes reduce the chance of your fly line from coiling on the deck and keep it ready for your next cast. The UV resistant silicone is easily moved from one boat deck to another, so if you’re a tigerfish angler, this is for you.


  • For managing fly line on boat decks and flat surfaces
  • Made from UV resistant silicone with UV proof, plastic grommets.  This mat will sink if thrown overboard, grommets are provided for tethering if needed.
  • The 95 cm x 16 cm angler centric, curved design captures line while moving or changing casting angles
  • 6 cm tall spikes at the outer edge catch errant flying line, while the shorter, tapered cones on the interior keep the line from tangling with itself.
  • Made in USA


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