Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Infinity Fly Line is the ultimate versatile line that can handle both streamers and dry flies with ease. It mends perfectly and delivers flies at all distances. This line is built a half-size heavy, with a long head and substantial front taper, making it suitable for a wide range of fish species, from trout and yellowfish to bass, barbel and carp. The name Infinity reflects its versatility, you’ll be able to do it all with this line.

The Amplitude Textured series by Scientific Anglers is the first line to feature the AST PLUS slickness additive, making it the farthest-shooting and longest-lasting line on the market. The AST PLUS technology adds an extra level of slickness to the line, making casting more efficient and accurate. Upgrade your fly fishing game with the revolutionary Amplitude Textured series, it’s slickness down to a science.


  • Revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation; it simply keeps dry flies floating longer
  • Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts, thanks to a reduction in friction
  • Extremely versatile general-purpose taper designed for most freshwater species
  • Made a half-size heavy to load fast-action rods, but works well with a variety of rod actions
  • Extended head length for long-distance casts and superior mending ability
  • SA AMP INFINITY WF X F (X = line weight)


WF-3-F 47.0’/14,3m 90’/27,4m 110gr/7,2gr
WF-4-F 48.0’/14,6m 90’/27,4m 130gr/8,5gr
WF-5-F 49.0’/14,9m 90’/27,4m 150gr/9,8gr
WF-6-F 50.0’/15,2m 90’/27,4m 175gr/11,2gr
WF-7-F 51.0’/15,5m 90’/27,4m 200gr/12,8gr
WF-8-F 52.0’/15,8m 90’/27,4m 225gr/14,5gr
WF-9-F 53.0’/16,2m 90’/27,4m 260gr/16,9gr

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