Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Taper fly line is designed for casting in small creeks where traditional weight forward lines may not be ideal. This line is rear loaded with a short-bellied design and an extended handling section which allows for more mass to be distributed to the front of the line, making it easier to turn over weighted flies and perform roll casts. If you’re fishing in small creeks, the Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Taper fly line is the perfect choice.

The Amplitude Smooth series of fly lines by Scientific Anglers are the ultimate high-performance smooth lines, they offer up to five times less drag and eight times the durability of traditional fly lines. These lines will completely change your perspective on fly line performance and elevate your fishing experience to the next level. Upgrade to the world’s highest-performance smooth fly lines with the Amplitude Smooth series.


  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • Short-head design with handling line delivers flies at short-to-medium range with extended line control; Built full size heavy
  • Turns over weighted nymphs and streamers, yet offers light presentations when used with long leaders
  • SA AMP S CREEK TROUT WF X F  (X = line weight)


WF-2-F 21.5’ 90.0’ 100
WF-3-F 22.0’ 90.0’ 120
WF-4-F 23.0’ 90.0’ 140
WF-5-F 24.0’ 90.0’ 160
WF-6-F 25.0’ 90.0’ 185

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