Ross Animas Reel

R5,750.00R5,800.00 incl.


Ross Animas Reel takes the time-proven features that made the original Animas a guide favourite and incorporates new machined features that bring it into the modern era of Ross.

The Ross Animas Reel features a fully-redesigned frame and spool. Showing off the cutting-edge of manufacturing that Ross has developed, delivering a design that is incredibly strong and visually stunning. The Animas also re-joins the family by incorporating an ultra-light canvas phenolic handle which gets tackier when wet. The new trouble-free spool release yields zero-maintenance performance, allowing it to be ready for any fresh- or saltwater excursion.

The two-tone drag knob sports an updated aesthetic with a lower profile and increased grip. An improved composite drag system delivers more power in an established Ross design used and loved by more than 80,000 fly anglers the world over.