Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit – Anniversery Edition

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Veniard Premium Fly Tying Kit has enough materials for thousands of flies. It addresses both the traditional and newer trends in fly tying with a plethora of materials. It’s ideal for any level of experience, in all areas of the craft. There is a heavy emphasis on new materials such as Glister, Cactus Chenille and Krystal Flash. The hooks supplied cover a variety of tying applications. Also included is a basic set of tools including a vice.
Veniard’s Premium Fly Tying Kit has won many awards over the years, the latest being the Gold 2017 ‘Total Fly Fisher Magazine’ Award. It is also Gold Rated by

Materials Included:

1 Mixed Marabou
1 Block Plastazote
1 Mixed Glister Sparkle
1 Stickle Dub
1 Zonker Strip
2 Seal’s Fur Substitute
1 Goose Biot Mixed Colours
1 Peacock Herl
1 Grey Duck & Hen Pheasant Quills
1 Mixed Cock Pheasant Tails
1 Mixed Squirrel Tails
1 Assorted Gold & Silver Beads
1 Damsel Eyes
1 Natural Grey CDC
1 MOP Chenille 2 Colours
1 Cactus Chenille 2 Colours
1 ½ each Cock Cape Natural Red & Dyed Black
1 Super Stretch Floss – 2 Colours
1 Krystal Flash
1 Deer Hair
2 Magic Glass Nymph Body Material
1 Ready Stripped Hackle Quils
1 Assorted Colours Holographic Tinsel
1 Bottle Cellire Varnish
1 Assorted Hooks
1 Partridge Neck Hackle Assorted
1 Suede Chenille – 3 Colours
1 Piece Fly Tyers Wax
2 Spools 6/0 Wisp Thread – Black & Olive
1 Spool Uni-2-Tone Gold & Silver Mylar Tinsel
1 Spool Lead Wire
1 spool each Gold and Silver Wire Tinsel
2 Spools Glo-Brite Floss
1 Spools Glo-Brite Multi Yarn
1 Spool Pearl Mylar Tinsel

Tools Included:

1 Veniard No.12 Lever Vice
1 Ceramic Insert Bobbin Holder
1 Rotary Whip Finish Tool
1 Gold Loop Scissors
1 Dubbing Needle
1 Non-Skid Hackle Plier
1 Booklet – Fly Tying For The Beginer – Trout