Oros Strike Indicator 3 Pack is the perfect collection of strike indicators. There are no small parts to fumble over or lose. They are streamlined and centre balanced for accurate casting and presentation. There are no exposed snag points and no post sticking out. Made from two hemispheres of moulded soft foam, they form a round ball when used.

The Oros Strike Indicator 3 Pack is the easiest way to start using the Oros indicators.

Easy to use

  1. Unscrew top
  2. Place line in screw slot
  3. Screw on top until the screw and nut grips the line
  4. Unscrew 1⁄4 turn to adjust up or down
  5. Don’t over-tighten

Features and details

  • Recommended line weights by size: small – 5X and lower, medium – 4X or lower, large – 3X or lower
  • Does not kink the line
  • Float as much or more weight than the current leading brands.
  • Smooth surface developed to repel water and dirt, and create less drag while casting
  • Made with a Biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation with prolonged exposure in natural environments, not in normal use
  • Strike indicator top and bottom colors can be mixed or matched by anglers for optimal visibility


  • Medium – 0.85 inches or 2.16cm
  • Small – 0.65 inches or 1.65cm



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