Hydrotac Stick-On Lenses

R390.00 incl.



Hydrotac® lenses are soft, pliable, plastic lenses shaped in a half moon.  This ultra thin design clings to the inside of your traditional sunglasses, safety glasses or diving goggles through molecular attraction.

Whether you wear traditional sunglasses, polarized fishing glasses, narrow lenses or wraparounds, Hydrotac® Lenses are designed to fit any style. Each lens is optically correct from edge to edge, providing distortion-free magnification.

No adhesives are needed and they leave no residue. They are instantly and easily installed with water and may be removed and reinstalled at any time.

One of the best features is they fit so snugly to the inside surface of your sunglasses that when someone is looking at you, they are almost undetectable from the outside.

Hydrotac® lenses measure 3cm along the flat edge and are 1.6cm deep.


1. Before installation, make sure your eyewear and your hands are spotlessly clean by washing them with detergent and hot water.
2. Carefully remove lenses from our free plastic lens case and keep for future storage use.
3.Drop lenses in warm/hot water for a minute or longer prior to installation.
4. Apply one lens at a time to your eyewear , positioning close to the nose bridge and low on the inside.
5. Press down gently on the lens for several seconds to remove excess moisture.
6. Put on your eyewear to check for proper positioning. At this time you can move and adjust the lenses to your specific needs.
7. By using a lint free cloth carefully pat away any excess water from the lens. Allow the lenses to sit and dry in place for 1-2 hours. Keep in mind that your vision through the lenses will be a little blurry until they are completely dried.
8. Repeat these steps for 2nd lens.
9. When removing lens, simply place your fingernail under one corner and peel off gently. These lenses are reusable.