Horizon Nitro Fly Rod

R5,100.00 incl.


Horizon NITRO fly rod series is a completely new range of rods that will redefine fly-rod performance. These rods have the performance of a top-end, American-made fly-rod at a fraction of the price. The prototype sample rods were tested by Anton Hartman, one of the best casters of a fly-rod in South Africa, and Frontier Fly Fishing now has the end result in stock – rods that will blow you away with their performance and build quality. If you’re looking for a stillwater rod that will let you cast to the horizon or pump a long cast into the teeth of a wind, then these are the rods for you. These rods are refinement personified! These rods are fast actioned (as are almost all modern day fly-rods) but are not broom poles!

2022 will see the addition of three new models to the Horizon NITRO fly-rod line-up – two Euro Nymphing rods and an all-round largemouth yellowfish/saltwater rod.


590-4 – 9’0” 5-wt 4-piece

690-4 – 9’0” 6-wt 4-piece


  • 4-piece
  • Horizon NANOHOOP technology
  • Lustrous, deep olive finish
  • Uplocking titanium coloured reelseat hardware with wooden insert
  • Snubnose, flor grade cork handle
  • Titanium coloured stripping and snake guides
  • Ferrules feature dark olive wraps with black/gold/red trim wraps
  • Dark olive wraps on guides
  • Alignment dots
  • The 690-4 NITRO rod features a short cork/composite fighting butt
  • Rods come in a partitioned bag and protective Cordura rod tube