MR Fly Reel-Spool series reels are the ideal reel for the South African angler looking for lightweight, high performance reel.

The MR Reel-Spool is machined from bar stock aluminium and features a super-smooth disc drag that will stop the largest freshwater fish on the longest runs. The 5/6 model is ideal for trout and smallmouth yellowfish, while the 8/9 model is ideal for largemouth yellowfish as well as tigerfish.

The Horizon MR Fly Reel-Spool available in two options:

5/6 Reel

  • Capacity with WF-5-F line: 100 metres 20lb Dacron.


8/9 Reel

  • Capacity with WF-9-F line: 150 metres 30lb Dacron.

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