Each ice dub dispenser contains 12 different colors of hareline’s popular ice dub, which is one of our favorite fly tying materials on the planet.

Colors in each Ice Dub Dispenser are as follows:

Ice Dub I: peacock, uv light olive, uv black, uv shrimp pink, uv red, olive brown, olive, chartreuse, uv pearl, caddis green, orange, and pearl.

Ice Dub II: uv light yellow, peacock black, uv pink, rusty brown, silver holographic, uv tan, chocolate brown, uv cinnamon, golden brown, uv dun, minnow belly, and hot yellow.

Ice Dub Trout: caddis green, chocolate brown, uv cinnamon, golden brown, uv light olive, pearl, uv light yellow, olive, peacock, peacock black, rusty brown, and uv tan.


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