GnarlyHeadz Poppers Heads are the next generation of popper heads. They are a revolutionary design and made from soft elastic foam. GnarlyHeadz Poppers Heads are feature packed with cutout eyes, moulded channels to create better popping and easy to add materials when tying.



  • Eye Cavities – creating an eye that is visibility from all angles. Making it easier to attach eyes and reducing wind resistance when casting.
  • Tail Cavity – allows easier addition of materials when tying. It adds floatation and increases the popping action. The cavity also smooths over the transition from the popper head to the tail area.
  • Tying Marker – shows the spot where the materials should be tied in for best results.
  • Hook Markers – shows where the hook should go through the head for the popper to give you the best popping action.
  • Tail Cavity Curve – increases the profile of the popper head, without adding weight.
  • Easy-Tie Curve – allows you to find the eye of the hook easily when treading tippet. It also reduces the possibilities of the tippet from wrapping while fishing and casting.
  • Lipless Cup Face – this is the key to allowing the popper to move as much water as possible. Yet, it retains easy use and reduces wind resistance when casting. With retracted cheeks, GnarlyHeadz Poppers Heads push water sideways to create as much action on the surface as possible.
  • Concave Body Shape – reduces structure around the hook point, improving the hook up rate. The shape also increases the amount noise the popper makes as it pulled through the water.



  • Small – 8 units
  • Medium – 6 units
  • Large – 6 units
  • Extra Large – 4 units

Hook Sizes

  Shank Length Hook Gap
Small 17mm 12mm
Medium 21mm 13mm
Large 23mm 16mm
Extra Large 29mm 20mm

Eye Sizes

Small, Medium 6mm
Large 8mm
Extra Large 9.5mm


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