Spirit River Fine and Dry Dubbing

R25.00 incl.


Absolutely the finest on the market. We have taken an already amazing fiber and added antron for highlights and sparkle. This dubbing is permanently waterproof, ties perfectly tapered dry flies down to size #28. If you’re searching for the ultimate dry fly dubbing, look no further. Note that ours is different because we add just a touch of Antron for a very subtle & lifelike shine. Available in individual packs, or in our Traveller’s™ , and Sof-Pak assortments. Our Fine and Dry is a 0.8 denier…one of, if not the the finest dry fly dubbing on the market. As you can see there are a ton of colors. And each one is a very good match for your bugs.What makes ours ever so slightly different than Wapsi’s Super Fine or Hareline’s Micro Fine is that ours has roughly 5% Antron blended in. This gives our material the advantage of a subtle lifelike shine or refraction that all true bugs have.