Spirit River I-Balz

R185.00 incl.


I-Balz are machined from brass and use a durable enamel iris colour with deep black pupils to achieve their super-realistic imitation of baitfish (chartreuse iris for black and nickel plating; orange for acid-etched gold plating). The machining is unsurpassed and the plating is fantastic. Spirit River is proud to be known as the leader in quality on all their brass products. Each I-Balz Eye is machined on a screw machine one at a time. All are then tumbled to remove many of the machining marks. They are then plated with a high quality finish. They are then enameled in the iris and baked for a good, strong finish. This process takes longer and yes, the quality acid etched plating costs slightly more. But you should expect the best when you take your precious time and energy to tie your own patterns.