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The C&F Universal System Chest Storage is a go-to lightweight chest box that allows you to change the foam inserts to suit any freshwater condition.

It has two standard system foam slots and a double sided system leaf. In addition, it has hook style boxes for split shot and indicator material. There are also two threaders and a magnetic storage area. It also features a hidden compartment for tippet material as well as a built-in line cutter on the front. The box also has an oval fly pad secured to the front of the box.

The C&F Universal System Chest Storage is perfect for all fishing environments, whether you are just going for an hour, or donning a daypack and going out for a day.

  • Equipped with a three tippet holders that can store three spools of tippet on the back.
  • The included hook case can be used to store small strike indicators and split shot.
  • The standard oval magnetic fly patch uses powerful neodymium magnets to securely hold flies.
  • There is a net attachment point on the harness.
  • It features a crocodile clip for securing the box to your shirt.

Weight: 273.5g


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