Abel SDS Reel (Sealed Drag Salt)

R23,250.00R27,900.00 incl.


Winner of the best new saltwater reel at the 2016 ICAST/IFTD show, the Abel SDS (Sealed Drag Salt) takes all the power, reliability and smoothness of its smaller freshwater counterpart and combines them in a larger package capable of taking on saltwater gamefish of all sizes. A unique multi-disc drag system yields an industry leading 20+ pounds of braking power, and is completely sealed from the elements. Now available in 3 sizes, this makes the SDS perfect for fighting big bones on light tippets as well as providing the power needed to halt hard-fighting tarpon and giant trevally in their tracks.


  • Reel frame, spool, drag knob and foot made of 6061-T651 cold finished aerospace grade aluminium
  • Alternating stacked carbon composite and stainless steel disc drag system
  • Quick change spool
  • User convertible retrieval direction
  • Made in USA
Reel Weight Spool Diameter Spool Width Backing
SDF 7/8 8.88oz 252g 3.86″ 98mm 1.060″ 27mm 7wt + 180m 30lb 8wt + 150m 30lb
SDF 9/10 9.77oz 277g 4.21″ 107mm 1.165″ 30mm 9wt + 200m 30lb 10wt + 170m 30lb
SDF 11/12 10.00oz 284g 4.540″ 116mm 1.165″ 30mm 11wt + 200m 30lb 12wt + 170m 30lb