Iwana Fly Reels are the perfect pairing for any bamboo or fibreglass fly rod. Paying homage to the classic fly reels created by Sam Bogdan.

In 2019, Liu Shaojie and Wang Liang met each other beside a beautiful river filled with iwana trout. Based on their shared passion, the two became close friends. In 2020, Liu and Wang started to produce their classic-looking reels and named them “IWANA”.

Then, based on Stan Bogdan’s product prototype, they built three classic fly-fishing reels to deal with the small- and medium sized trout they encountered.

If you’re looking for a classically-styled reel to compliment your bamboo rod or simply want a beautiful reel. The Iwana Fly Reels is the reel for you. Put these reels alongside a Bogdan and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference!