Abel Fly Reels are the best fly reels money can buy. Designed and built in America, they have been the gold standard in fly reels since they were first introduced to the market in the early ’80s.

Abel is a premium, American fly-fishing reel manufacturer. Established in 1980 in California by Steve Abel, it employs approximately 50 people worldwide. It is now headquartered in Montrose, Colorado, home to its precision manufacturing facility and research & development laboratory. Abel products meet the highest standards in quality, design and manufacturing and the company invests heavily in research and development to continue to improve its designs and technologies. The company has written its way into history by making gear for the world’s top guides and fishing lodges. Their reels have accounted for more IGFA world records and industry design awards than any other fly reel manufacturer in the world.

We here at Frontier Fly Fishing have been using Abel reels literally from the day they become available. They are, without question, the finest fly-reels money can buy. Their drags have protected 7X tippets for us on the Railroad Ranch and stopped massive Costa Rican tarpon in their tracks. In a nutshell we like to think of Abel reels as a Ferrari and Mack truck rolled into one: beautiful and as strong as an ox. Yes they are expensive but they are worth every cent.

In March 2022 Abel released their much anticipated ROVE reel, the successor to the famous Abel Super Series reels. The reel has already won Flyfisherman magazine’s Best New Reel 2022.