Fly Fishing Reels for all conditions, situations and fish species. Frontier Fly Fishing distributes all the world’s leading fly reel brands including Abel, Ross, Sage, Waterworks Lamson and Iwana. These reels cater for all line weights from 1-wt to 15-wt lines.

In addition to these brands Frontier Fly Fishing also markets its own reels under its Horizon brand. These reels cater for the more budget-conscious fly fisherman but still offer excellent performance and great value for money.

  • Abel Fly Reels

    Abel Fly Reels (4)

    Abel Fly Reels are the best fly reels money can buy. Designed and built in America, they have been the gold standard in fly reels since they were first introduced to the market in the early '80s. Abel is a premium, American fly-fishing reel manufacturer. Established in 1980 in California by Steve Abel, it employs approximately 50 people worldwide. It…
  • Ross Fly Reels

    Ross Fly Reels (3)

    Ross Fly Reels offer a range of top quality reels. In the same stable as Abel reels, they are designed and manufactured in the USA, with unbeatable back up service. Aerospace engineer Ross Hauck originally founded Ross Reels in California in 1973 and a decade later moved the operation to Montrose, Colorado. Over the years, the company earned accolades and…
  • Sage Fly Reels

    Sage Fly Reels (11)

    Sage Fly Reels will compliment any fly rod. They are designed by the same team who build the world's leading fly rods. For  years Sage has been regarded at the market leader in fly-rod design and market share. But many years ago Sage decided to branch into the fly reel market and is now well established as one of the…
  • Lamson Fly Reels

    Lamson Fly Reels (7)

    Lamson Fly Reels are superb reels for the fly angler looking for high performance reels. Their excellent design and super-light construction set them apart from other fly reels. Waterworks was formed in 1996 when fishermen who happened to be product designers figured a better way to release a fly-caught fish. They realised that the conventional hemostat used by fly fishermen…
  • Iwana Fly Reels

    Iwana Fly Reels (2)

    Iwana Fly Reels are the perfect pairing for any bamboo or fibreglass fly rod. Or any graphite rod where you want a classic looking reel to complement it. Iwana reels pay homage to the classic fly reels created by Sam Bogdan. In 2019, Liu Shaojie and Wang Liang met each other beside a beautiful river filled with iwana trout. Based…
  • Horizon Fly Reels

    Horizon Fly Reels (3)

    Horizon Fly Reels offer an affordable fly reel option coupled with great performance. The range starts with the die cast aluminium ROOKIE reel to the machined bar stock MR range of reels. Horizon is Frontier Fly Fishing's in-house brand and we sell both die cast reels as well as reels machined from solid bar stock aluminium. Horizon fly reels offer…

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