Leaders Tippet and Backing are your connection to the fish. Your tippet is your final yard, your leader the last three yards, and the backing is what keeps you attached to a trophy fish.

Frontier Fly Fishing distributes the world’s two premium leader and tippet brands – Scientific Anglers and TroutHunter. Both manufacturers produce what are considered the best leader and tippet material on the market. They have the highest breaking strain for their diameters.

  • Backing


    Backing is your insurance when a trophy fish runs you through your fly line, and you need more line. Scientific Anglers Backing is very thin for its breaking strain, it lies flat on the reels spool and will not cut into itself.
  • Leaders


    Leaders connect the fly line to the tippet, transferring and dissipating energy down its taper. They increase accuracy and allow the fly to be presented softly. There are different leader types for different applications. Scientific Anglers and TroutHunter leaders will have you covered.
  • Tippet


    Tippet is your final connection to the fly. Some say it is the most important piece to the puzzle. Scientific Anglers and TroutHunter make the best you can buy. They produce tippet with the best breaking strength versus X ratio in the industry. We have both nylon or fluorocarbon monofilament tippet.
  • Wire Trace

    Wire Trace

    Wire Trace is important when fishing for toothy fish, especially for tiger fish. We have tested many types of wire, we believe the Scientific Anglers knotable wire is our wire trace of choice.
  • Other Terminal

    Other Terminal

    Other Terminal tackle includes tippet rings, braided loops and other items that might be needed. These products are designed to increase usability and longevity of lines and leaders.