Leaders Tippet Backing are your connection to the fish. Tippet is your last yard, Leaders the last 3, and backing is what keeps you in touch with a trophy fish.

Frontier Fly Fishing distributes the world’s two premium leader and tippet brands – Scientific Anglers and Trouthunter. Both manufacturers produce what are considered the best leader and tippet material on the market. They have the highest breaking strain for their diameters. If you’re looking for the best leaders and tippet material on the market. Then look no further than these two brands.

  • Leaders

    Leaders (13)

    Leaders are important for presentation and accuracy. Tapered leaders transfer energy down to the tippet and ensure flies are presented well every cast.
  • Tippet

    Tippet (16)

    Tippet is your last yard to your fly. It needs to be supple and strong, with low viability and has to have good knot strength. Our tippets have all of these properties.
  • Backing

    Backing (3)

    Backing is your safety net when targeting trophy fish. It needs to be thin, strong and abrasion resistant. Scientific Anglers make fantastic dacron and gel spun for all applications.

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