Hooks are without question the most important part of any fly. A sub-standard hook will result in lost fish. Potentially the fish of your lifetime. We distribute and sell several different hook brands. Tiemco has been the market leader where it comes to hooks. Most of the best fly tyers in the world use Tiemco hooks. We’ve used them for 30 years and there are simply no better hooks on the market. We also carry Owner hooks for tyers looking for hooks for tarpon- or GT patterns. These supplement Tiemco’s saltwater hook range like the 600SP model. We also carry Gamakatsu hooks which are the preferred hook for largemouth yellowfish patterns.

  • Barbless Hooks

    Barbless Hooks (14)

    Barbless Hooks have gained in popularity since catch-and-release fly fishing became popular 40 years ago. But they have really become popular since competition angling laws require anglers to use flies tied on barbless hooks. We carry a complete range of barbless hooks in all styles and sizes.
  • Bass and Tigerfish

    Bass and Tigerfish (6)

    Bass and Tigerfish hooks are carried in a complete range by Frontier Fly Fishing. The Tiemco TMC 8089 is the preferred hook for largemouth bass patterns. The Gamakatsu B10S is the preferred hook for tigerfish patterns.