Fly Tying Materials of the best quality allow you to tie flies of the highest standard. Brands like Hareline, Whiting Farms, Tiemco, Veniard and Fishient produce the best products available for the South African tyer.

All of our staff members are avid fly tyers and some of us have been tying flies for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of fly tying materials in the country. If you’re going to take your flyfishing even remotely seriously then you’ll need to start tying your own flies.

If you’re new to fly tying then the best way to get started is with a fly tying kit from Hareline or Veniard. These kits come with all the tools you’ll need to get started plus a variety of materials.

  • Beads and Cones

    Beads and Cones (16)

    Beads And Cones have become an essential addition to many fly patterns. The first time we used beads on a fly was back in New Zealand in 1994. Beads and cones add a jigging action to flies like Woolly Buggers. And beads help to take nymphs to the bottom quickly.
  • Cements and Treatments

    Cements and Treatments (18)

    Cements and Treatments are essential for finishing off your flies. Head cements complete your flies while treatments prep them for the fishing that lies ahead.
  • Chenille

    Chenille (6)

    Chenille has been around as a tying material for as long as we can remember. You can use #2 chenille for the bodies on patterns like Woolly Buggers. And the finer micro chenille is perfect for patterns like San Juan Worms.
  • Dubbings

    Dubbings (25)

    Dubbings are an essential element to all flies whether fresh- or saltwater. We carry a huge array of dubbings to cater for the needs of all fly tyers.
  • Eyes

    Eyes (7)

    Eyes are an essential addition to many fly patterns. They have applications for saltwater flies like the Crazy Charlie and thousands of other saltwater patterns. And for South Africans they've become a mainstay for patterns for largemouth yellowfish.
  • Feathers

    Feathers (34)

    Feathers are an essential part of almost every fly. Whether you tie large flies for tarpon or minute dry flies for trout, we have all the feathers you'll ever need.
  • Foam

    Foam (8)

    Foam has a multitude of applications for fly tying. It can be used for the backs of beetle patterns and other freshwater patterns. And it has a vast array of uses for saltwater patterns.
  • Furs

    Furs (17)

    Furs have been a mainstay for fly patterns since they were first tied to catch trout hundreds of years ago. Furs like hare's ear masks are essential for patterns like the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear nymph.
  • Hair

    Hair (23)

    Hair is an essential element of almost every fly pattern. Whether you use natural- or synthetic furs, there is a use for hair in both fresh- and saltwater patterns.
  • Hooks

    Hooks (52)

    Hooks are without question the most important part of any fly. A sub-standard hook will result in lost fish. Potentially the fish of your lifetime. We distribute and sell several different hook brands. Tiemco has been the market leader where it comes to hooks. Most of the best fly tyers in the world use Tiemco hooks. We've used them for…

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