Fly Tying Materials for tying the best dressed flies. We have a wide variety of all that you might need. We stock Whiting, Harleine, Fishient, Tiemco, Veevus, Gordon Griffin, UNI Thread, Solarez and many others.

  • Beads | Cones

    Beads | Cones

    Beads | Cones for weighting your flies. We have a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, tungsten and nickel. All of our Beads | Cones are of the highest quality, featuring countersunk holes and recessed slots.
  • Brushes


    Brushes for fly tying. To create flies quickly and effortlessly with our pre-made Brushes. We have streamers, crafty, frenzy and many other brushes.
  • Chenille | Estaz

    Chenille | Estaz

    Chenille | Estaz allow fly tyers t quickly create a body on a fly. Or in its most simple for, tie a San Jaun worm in moments. Our selection of Chenille | Estaz will have you covered.
  • Dubbings


    Dubbings form the basis of any fly tying kit. Our wide selection of all types of dubbings will cover any flies you need to tie. Rabbit dubbing, angora dubbing, ice dubbing, fusion dubbing, dry fly dubbing, and much more.
  • Dumbells | Eyes

    Dumbells | Eyes

    Dumbells | Eyes add a realistic look when tying flies. We have weighted dumbell eyes, stick-on eyes, 3D eyes and holographic eyes. Our Dumbells | Eyes section will catch your eye.
  • Flash | Tinsels

    Flash | Tinsels

    Flash | Tinsels for tying the best flies. Including holographic tinsel, splash tinsels, mylar and braid. No matter what Flash | Tinsels you are looking for, we have you covered.
  • Foams


    Foams for fly tying and creating the best floating flies. Pre formed foam poppers heads, flippers and NYAPs. We have flat foam, round cylinders and evazote foams.
  • Hackles | Feathers

    Hackles | Feathers

    Hackles | Feathers for dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Covering saltwater and freshwater fly tying. Our brands include Whiting, Hareline and Veniard. We carry everything, including neck and saddles.
  • Hairs


    Hairs for fly tying include, deer hair, elk hair, and moose hair. We also have squirrel tail, calf tail, hares masks and body hair. Our Hairs selection is wide with colour variants to cover any fly you are tying.
  • Hooks


    Hooks for fly tying includes Tiemco, Gamakatsu, Owner, and Kamasan. Our selection is wide, with all types of hooks available. Saltwater, freshwater, dry flie, nymphs or streamers, we have a type that you need.
  • Legs


    Legs made from silicone or rubber, in a verity of colours and combinations. Adding legs to any fly adds lifelike movement to the fly. Our selection is tried and tested.
  • Other Materials

    Other Materials

    Other Materials will cover any interesting and peculiar materials used in fly tying. Including rattles, suspender balls and other products.
  • Rib | Tubbing | Wire

    Rib | Tubbing | Wire

    Rib | Tubbing | Wire are perfect for finishing your fly. They add segmentation or just to hold everything in place. We stock all types of Rib, Tubbing, Wire for all types of aplications.
  • Synthetics


    Synthetics consist of all types of synthetic fly tying materials. They shed water very easily and allow fly tyers to add bulk and sparkle to a fly without compromising casting. We have a wide variety of synthetics.
  • Threads


    Threads for fly tying include a wide variety of types. From GSP thread (gel spun), mono cord, and flat wax. We have different thickness and weights, from 70 denier to 210 denier. Threads in almost all colours.
  • Zonker Strips

    Zonker Strips

    Zonker Strips or Rabbit Strips add life like motion to flies. We have a wide variety of either Rabbit or Zonker Strips, including mink strips and squirrel strips.