Fly Tying Equipment to help you tie better flies. We chose the best products from the best brands, so our customers can tie the best flies. We carry C&F Design, Tiemco and Renzetti.

  • Bobbin Holders

    Bobbin Holders

    Bobbin Holders are the very essence of fly tying. A great bobbin makes your time behind the vice more enjoyable and improves your fly tying. Stop fighting with your Bobbin Holders and buy the best you can afford.
  • Boxes


    Boxes for storing your fly tying beads or hooks. We chose boxes with smooth corners for ease of use and only source the best quality.
  • Cements | Epoxies | Liquids

    Cements | Epoxies | Liquids

    Cements | Epoxies | Liquids are a staple on a fly tying desk. You need them in some form when finishing flies. Epoxy for saltwater flies cements for freshwater flies and the a multitude of liquids to add floatation.
  • Dubbing Twisters

    Dubbing Twisters

    Dubbing Twisters help keep your portions correct when tying flies. A good Dubbing Twister will help you spin smooth and consistent dubbing noodles.
  • Fly Tying Kits

    Fly Tying Kits

    Fly Tying Kits are a great way to get into fly tying. Our fly tying kits have been chosen for their quality, materials, and tools. If you want to start fly tying, look no further than getting a good quality fly tying kit.
  • Hackle Pliers

    Hackle Pliers

    Hackle Pliers make fly tying with feathers easy. Whether you are a novice tier or an expert, a great hackle pliers will speed up your tying and give your flies that professional finish.
  • Hair Stackers

    Hair Stackers

    Hair Stackers are a great way of aligning the ends of the hairs you want to use when tying flies. We stock a selection of hair stackers and hair packers.
  • Other Equipment

    Other Equipment

    Our Other Equipment will have your fly tying needs covered. From dubbing needles to fly turners and slit stage tools. Our Other Equipment encompasses your additional tying needs.
  • Scissors


    Scissors for tying the best flies. A good scissors will cut first time every time. Whether you need a serrated blade, or tungsten-carbide, needle tip or curved. Our range of Scissors have you covered.
  • Tool Stands

    Tool Stands

    Tool Stands for holding your fly tying tools. Using a simple tool stand can clean up your work area and keep your fly tying desk neat and organised. We also have strands for other uses.
  • UV Resins

    UV Resins

    UV Resins for finishing your flies. These resins undergo curing using ultraviolet light, either through sunlight or a UV torch. We have a number of different viscosities and finishes.
  • Vice Accessories

    Vice Accessories

    Vice Accessories to improve the functionality of your fly tying vice. We have detachable waste bins, bobbin rests and parachute tools. If you need Vice Accessories, we have the right products.
  • Vice Spares

    Vice Spares

    Vice Spares for keeping your vice working properly. Including replacement jaws and other parts. We have the Vice Spares for your Renzetti vice.
  • Vices


    Vices for holding hooks securely while tying flies. We believe a good vice allows you to tie better flies. Our range of Renzetti Vices will make a great addition to your fly tying collection.
  • Whip Finishers

    Whip Finishers

    Whip Finishers for fly tying. Creating a perfect head and securing the thread at the same time. Good Whip Finishers will save you time and help you tie better flies.