Scientific Anglers began with three men (Leon P. Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers) and a single vision, transposed into a company spanning across the globe, influencing the way modern fly fishermen interpret and practice our sport. The cast, the rods, the reels, and the flies all connect through the cotter pin of fly fishing: the fly line. Scientific Anglers became the unequivocal champion of fly-line production through leading market innovation and development during fly fishing’s early widespread industrialization.

Numerous editorials have been penned regarding the physics of fly fishing and the impact of polymeric coatings, evolutionary taper structure, core construction, complex density, and fluid dynamics. At the base of these arguments is a single common denominator: Scientific Anglers. They have implicitly initiated a majority of these arguments by facilitating the development of industry-leading technologies, a practice that inevitably leads to scrutiny amidst competitors. As we continue to walk one step ahead, our focus dwells on forward progress—a vision and mission which consistently and constantly pushes the technological limits of fly fishing.

Today Scientific Anglers continues to lead the market in fly line technology, taper design and everything else associated with fly lines. At Frontier Fly Fishing we’ve been using their fly lines since the mid-80s and we’ve never looked back. Where Scientific Anglers lead other fly line brands follow. Their fly lines are the highest floating and longest lasting of all fly line brands on the market as documented by tests available on the Internet.

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