Fly Fishing Reels for all conditions and environments. We have fly fishing reels for all price ranges and applications. From novice to expert, we have a reel for you.

Our brands include, Abel Fly Reels, Ross Fly Reels, Sage Fly Reels, Lamson Fly Reels, Iwona Fly Reels and Horizon Fly Reels.

  • Abel Fly Reels

    Abel Fly Reels

    Abel Fly Reels is a premium, American fly-fishing company that was established in 1980 in California by Steve Abel. Abel Fly Reels has written its way into history by making gear for the world’s top guides and fishing lodges. They have won more IGFA world records and industry design awards than any other fly reel manufacturer in the world.
  • Horizon Fly Reels

    Horizon Fly Reels

    Horizon Fly Reels is Frontier Fly Fishing’s in-house brand of reels. They offer excellent value for money for anglers looking for a quality fly reel that won’t break the bank. They are reliable, rugged, and versatile.
  • Iwana Fly Reels

    Iwana Fly Reels

    Iwana Fly Reels pay homage to the classic fly reels created by Sam Bogdan. If you’re looking for a classically-styled reel to compliment your bamboo rod or simply want a beautiful reel, this is the reel for you.
  • Lamson Fly Reels

    Lamson Fly Reels

    Lamson Fly Reels manufacture a range of exceptional die-cast aluminium and machined aluminium fly-reels that will fit any angler’s budget and performance aspirations, all using a familiar  bullet-proof drag system.
  • Ross Fly Reels

    Ross Fly Reels

    Ross Fly Reels was founded by Aerospace engineer Ross Hauck in California in 1973. They introduced the market’s first reels machined from aluminium bar stock. This resulted in one of the most durable fly reels ever created. Ross have built on this by continuing to produce innovative and market leading products.
  • Sage Fly Reels

    Sage Fly Reels

    Sage Fly Reels have joined the Sage Fly Fishing stable as leaders in design and manufacturing. Their reels are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. The range covers all the bases for anglers looking for dependable and high performance fresh and saltwater reels.