Fly Fishing Lines are one of the most important parts of your fly fishing outfit. We have a wide range of Scientific Anglers fly lines to suite your rod, needs, and capabilities. Our team understands the importance of choosing the best line for your application.

  • AirCel | WetCel Fly Lines

    AirCel | WetCel Fly Lines

    Scientific Anglers AirCel | WetCel Fly Lines have performed well and provided a great value for decades. Paying for quality has never been this easy or this affordable. Choose between the floating AirCel, or the various sink rates of the WetCel fly lines.
  • Amplitude Smooth Fly Lines

    Amplitude Smooth Fly Lines

    Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Fly Lines feature the revolutionary Advance Shooting Technology (AST) Plus for the ultimate in slickness and durability.  They are simply the finest smooth fly lines in the world.
  • Amplitude Textured Fly Lines

    Amplitude Textured Fly Lines

    The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Lines features the revolutionary Advance Shooting Technology (AST) Plus for the ultimate in slickness and durability. These The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Fly Lines will outperform any other line on the market. And last longer, too.
  • Fly Line Care

    Fly Line Care

    Fly Line Care is often overlooked. Well maintained fly lines will preform better, for longer, with less memory and fewer tangles. Therefore, improving your day on the water and increasing your success rate.
  • Frequency Fly Lines

    Frequency Fly Lines

    Scientific Angles Frequency Fly Lines are the work horses of the Scientific Anglers range. They are high performing, hard wearing and long-lasting lines, but at a more affordable price.
  • Magnitude Smooth Fly Line

    Magnitude Smooth Fly Line

    Scientific Angles Magnitude Smooth Fly Line offer a revolutionary clear floating line. These lines are a leap forward in technology, offering the angler a clear line that floats high, with a new slickness and hard wearing coating. For the angler who demand the highest performance, we recommend the Magnitude Smooth Fly Line.
  • Mastery Fly Lines

    Mastery Fly Lines

    Scientific Anglers Mastery Fly Lines have been among the most-popular and best-performing lines ever made. Tried and tested, the Mastery Series lines still deliver just as well they ever have.
  • Rio Fly Lines

    Rio Fly Lines

    Rio Fly Lines are high performance lines. The lines are specially designed for technical applications at which the excel. We only carry selected Rio Fly Lines.
  • SONAR Fly Lines

    SONAR Fly Lines

    Scientific Anglers SONAR Fly Lines are premium sinking fly lines. Built for exploring every inch of the water column. The Scientific Anglers SONAR Fly Lines range includes sink tip lines, intermediate lines and full sinking lines.
  • SONAR Stillwater Fly Lines

    SONAR Stillwater Fly Lines

    Scientific Angler SONAR Stillwater Fly Lines are perfectly designed for stillwater fly fishing. The range has sinking lines for any condition. Hover lines, intermediate lines, and seamless density full sinking lines. The SONAR Stillwater Fly Lines will improve your stillwater fishing.
  • SONAR Titan Fly Lines

    SONAR Titan Fly Lines

    Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Fly Lines are over weighted for casting large flies in any condition. The lines are made two line weights heavy, to load rods early and turn over big bulky flies. Designed for the fly angler who needs the best performance from their lines. The SONAR Titan Fly Lines will deliver the fly to the furthest targets.