Clothing – “There’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing”. Simms is the market leader when it comes to fly-fishing apparel and is at the forefront of fly-fishing apparel design. If you’re looking for a Solarflex shirt for the saltwater flats of a rain shell for your stream or stillwater fishing, Simms has the clothing that will fit your needs.

  • Gloves

    Gloves (4)

    Gloves protect you hands from the elements. Whether it's the blazing sun in the tropics or the bone chilling cold of the early morning on a large stillwater. The right gloves will keep you fingers working in all conditions. Simms offer a wide range of weather-beating glove options including gloves to protect your hands from the sun.
  • Headwear

    Headwear (27)

    Headwear needs to perform an important task, and keep you looking good for the camera. Whether you're keeping cool, or keeping the cold out, Simms have the best technical headwear for you. We also carry a wide range of other hats, caps and sun protective gear.
  • Jackets

    Jackets (6)

    Jackets are your first layer of protection from the elements, be it rain or wind. Your jacket must perform perfectly every time. Simms offer the best rain and wind protection for any condition. We have tested and used their products all over the world and they have never disappointed us.
  • Layering

    Layering (5)

    Layering correctly is the best way to stay warm in any condition. Choose form-fitting garments that are designed to work in unison with other thermal layers. They will keep the elements out, and you fishing all day. Simms layering, thermal tops and leggings will move easily under you shell layers and keep you warm and comfortable all day.
  • Pants

    Pants (3)

    Pants, whether they are longs or shorts, need to be comfortable and functional. Long pants offer great sun protection and generally have more storage capacity. Simms cover you with their guide pants and other garments.
  • Shirts, Tees and Hoodys

    Shirts, Tees and Hoodys (4)

    Shirts, Tees and Hoodys keep you feeling comfortable and looking good. If you're looking for sun protection, or a T-shirt to wear on the river bank, we carry a range of clothing that will have you covered.
  • Socks

    Socks (5)

    Socks for warmth and comfort are important when you fish all day. We have what you need, whether it's for wet wading or keeping your feet warm in your waders.

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