Boots and Waders are your protection from the elements and give you grip in the water. Choosing a long lasting set up is important and can make or break your fishing trip.

Frontier Fly Fishing distributes Simms Fishing Products – the world’s leading manufacturer of wading gear. Simms is far and away the leader where wading boots (both fresh- and saltwater) and waders are concerned and have been ever since John Simms started the company back in 1980.

Frontier Fly Fishing also imports its own Horizon Fly Fishing brand of breathable waders which have earned a well deserved reputation for reliability at a most affordable price. If you want quality waders at a price that won’t break the bank then look no further than our Guide Breathable Waders.

  • Boots

    Boots (8)

    Boots will make or break your day on the water of your extended fishing trip. When you are on your feet all day, you need boots that are comfortable and offer the best traction for the environment you are fishing in. They also need to be robust and offer good protection. We carry a variety of Simms boots to cover…
  • Boots and Waders Accessories

    Boots and Waders Accessories (7)

    Boots and Waders Accessories are an easy way to improve your existing wading products. Add studs to your boots for better traction, or a zip-in pocket for additional carrying capacity in your waders. We also carry product repair items.
  • Wader Care

    Wader Care (6)

    Wader Care is often overlooked. However, your waders are the most technical garment you will ever own and you should take good care of them. We carry all the products you need to maintain your waders and any other technical garments you might own.
  • Waders

    Waders (3)

    Waders are essential for fly anglers who float tube or fish during our colder months. All our waders are breathable and come with stocking feet, allowing you to chose your preferred boot. We carry waders from both Simms and Horizon.
  • Wading Socks

    Wading Socks (5)

    Wading Socks keep you comfortable when you are on your feet all day. Choose socks that best suit you fishing environment. Simms make the best wading socks on the market and we carry a wide range to suit any environment.

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