Bags Packs and Vests from the world’s two premier manufacturers – Simms and Fishpond. Between these two brands you’ll find a bag, pack, or vest to suit your needs.

  • Backpacks


    Backpacks are an essential item for all flyfishermen. We offer a complete range of backpacks from the world’s top manufacturers – Simms and Fishpond. Both manufacture backpacks to cater for all environments whether fresh- or saltwater.
  • Belt Systems

    Belt Systems

    Belt Systems are a great addition to the options a fly angler has when deciding on how to carry their on stream necessities. They offer flexility in configuration and due to their modular systems, can accommodate almost all you need for your day's fishing.
  • Chest Packs

    Chest Packs

    Chest Packs have gained enormous traction over the past few decades as younger anglers have moved away from conventional vests. While chest packs don’t have the carrying capacity of traditional vests they offer other advantages. We carry a complete range of chest packs from both Simms and Fishpond to cater for the needs of all fly anglers.
  • Dry Bags

    Dry Bags

    Dry Bags are essential items for anglers who fish from boats or float tubes. They keep essential items neatly stowed and away from the elements.
  • Gear Bags

    Gear Bags

    Gear Bags are a great way to keep your gear organised and ready to go. They come in many shapes and sizes and there is a gear bag to suit every angler. We carry gear bags from Simms and Fishpond.
  • Luggage


    Luggage is essential for the travelling angler. Whether you travel locally or internationally, we have a bag to suit your requirements. Simms, Fishpond and Osprey make luggage to cater for the needs of all fly angler.
  • Sling Packs

    Sling Packs

    Sling Packs have revolutionised many aspects of how anglers carry their gear on the river or stream. They allow the angler to carry his gear out of the way behind his back. Then, by swivelling the sling pack forward, all the gear in the pack is easily accessed. The packs vary in size from small to large and cater to…
  • Vest Packs

    Vest Packs

    Vest Packs offer the best of both worlds. They usually have a vest section that has the carrying capacity of a traditional vest. And then a daypack attached to the vest that takes a load of gear and the pack doesn’t ride on your shoulders. For international travel, you can detach the vest and use the daypack as a travel…
  • Vests


    Vests have been around since Lee Wulff brought the first one to the marketplace many years ago. We love vests for their carrying capacity and the traditional values they bring to the sport. Simms vests are the more traditional-type vests, while Fishpond vests are the funkier-type vests.
  • Waist Packs

    Waist Packs

    Waist Packs are ideal for the angler who likes to fish light and keep things minimal. Unlike conventional vests that ride on the neck area, hip packs use the lower body for support. They can be kept behind the angler and out of the way while fishing. We carry a complete line of hip packs from Simms and Fishpond.