Accessories make your fishing easier. Nipper, forceps, caddies and whatever else is needed for your day on the water. We carry a complete line of fly-fishing accessories to meet the needs of all fly anglers.

  • Caddies and Holders

    Caddies and Holders (4)

    Caddies and Holders will make your life on the water far more enjoyable. They keep items like floatants, sinkants and other items close at hand so you don't have to go looking for them in your vest or pack.
  • Floatants - Sinkants

    Floatants - Sinkants (19)

    Floatants and Sinkants are essential items for every flyfisherman. They are items used every day to keep your flies floating or to help them hit the streambed.
  • Line Care

    Line Care (5)

    Line Care products will add years to your fly lines. They will both clean your lines as well as keep them lubricated.
  • Nets and Net Accessories

    Nets and Net Accessories (19)

    Nets and Net Accessories are essential for every flyfisherman. Nets allow you to subdue a fish once it is near you while net accessories like magnetic snaps allow the angler to keep the net at hand and not lose it while it isn't in use.
  • Nippers

    Nippers (13)

    Nippers are essential for all flyfisherman but are especially important for freshwater fly anglers. Saltwater anglers mainly use pliers to cut monofilament. Nippers are used to cut monofilament and many have a needle point to remove varnish from hook eyes.
  • Other

    Other (43)

    Other accessories you might need will include items like stripping baskets, head lamps, rod stands, reel oil, hooks hones and other assorted items.
  • Scales and Measuring Devices

    Scales and Measuring Devices (2)

    Scales and Measuring Devices are essential if you want to know exactly how heavy and long your trophy fish is. Remember that when you weigh a fish in a net, you need to subtract the wet weight of the net from the total weight (fish and net combined) in order to arrive at the weight of the fish.
  • Strike Indicators

    Strike Indicators (13)

    Strike Indicators are essential for all freshwater anglers who fish subsurface flies. Not only do strike indicators help you to detect bites but they are equally important at controlling the depth at which your flies drift or hang in the water column. Where moving currents are concerned they also aid in controlling the drift of your flies so that you…
  • Thermometers

    Thermometers (3)

    Thermometers are essential if you want to identify the correct feeding temperatures that various fish feed at. For stillwater anglers a thermometer can be attached to a piece of cord and sent into the depths to determine the correct water temperature (and thus depth) to fish your flies at.

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