Wag-N-Bietjie Drift

Our Vaal River drift ‘takes place on the well know farm, Wag-‘N-Bietjie; three hours’ drive from Johannesburg. We drift for three days, covering about 20 km of privately accessed river. This section of the Vaal River is well known for its healthy numbers of large Smallmouth and Largemouth Yellowfish; a 10-pound smallmouth is not uncommon.

Strong and Hard Fighting Yellowfish

This stretch of river is far away from the industrial areas near Johannesburg, it is pristine and runs clear. The fish are in excellent condition, trophy fish are caught regularly. Drifting allows access to water that few other anglers have fished, with some of the most beautiful examples of riffles and runs we have seen. There are large deep pools where largemouth Yellowfish hold tight to structure or lurk near drop-offs. Shallow glides, riffles and rapids, are home to a multitude of Smallmouth Yellowfish. There are also large grass carp and catfish to target in the varied waters.

Stunning Scenery and Excellent Birding

Along with great fishing, the scenery is spectacular. There are excellent birding opportunities on the river and while in camp. Wild game occur on the farm: Wildebeest, Springbok, Blesbok and more Whilst on the drift, you are likely to encounter Waterbuck and other riverine animals.

Excellent Camping with Hot Showers and Large Tents

We spend each evening at well-appointed camp sites within throwing distance of the river. The camps have excellent ablution facilities and hot showers are welcomed after a long day on the river. The tents are equipped with army-surplus beds, with mattress and are large enough to allow our guests dress and prepare for their day. Evenings are spent around the fire with cold beverages and grass-fed beef steaks straight off this working cattle farm.

Trip Details

Dates: 2024 Spring Dates to Be Advised.
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Price: R9,000 per person (4 full day’s fishing)


  • 4 nights’ accommodation in camp, including meals.
  • 4 days fishing


  • Travel to and from the farm.
  • Beverages
  • On water snacks



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