Costa Rica/Cuba North Coast – Combo Trip

Every year Frontier Fly Fishing hosts a trip of a lifetime – a combination trip that takes anglers firstly to Costa Rica and then on to Cuba. Why do this trip? Because it gives anglers the opportunity to tangle with some of the largest tarpon in the world off the Costa Rican coastline, and then move on to Cuba where anglers will have the opportunity to sight-fish on classic flats to bonefish, permit and migratory tarpon. This trip gives anglers a full 12 days of fishing at a price that is simply unbeatable.

Costa Rican Tarpon

Tarpon should be on every fly fisher’s bucket list. They are an incredible game fish – they are incredible leapers, have an impressive turn of speed and have brute strength and endurance like no other fish. Once you have tangled with the “king” you will never look back.

Jurassic Lake Rainbows

We here at Frontier Fly Fishing were the first South Africans to visit Jurassic Lake way back in 2004. Jurassic Lake is home to some of the largest rainbow trout in the world. We have hosted trips to this prime destination since 2004. Our camp is on the lake and the fishing is within walking distance to either the lake shore or the Barrancoso River.