Tarpon in Costa Rica

Tarpon should be on every fly fisher’s bucket list. They are an incredible game fish – they are great leapers; have an impressive turn of speed with brute strength and endurance like no other fish. Once you have tangled with the “King” you will never look back. Fish average around 130lbs with many exceeding 250lbs.

Giant Rainbow Trout in Jurassic Lake

Renowned for its massive rainbow trout, Jurassic Lake is the destination that every avid trout angler needs to visit. We have been visiting Jurassic Lake Lodge since 2004, and every trip has exceeded all our expectations. The lodge has access to all the areas on offer – the lake, the river estuary as well as the river itself. Fish average around 10lbs with many exceeding 20lbs. This venue will not disappoint you!

Taimen in Outer Mongolia

Mongolian Taimen are a bucket list fish and should be on every angler’s radar. Mongolia offers unparalleled fishing for these fish. The scenery is unrivalled. The hospitality welcoming. The Mongolian-Manchurian Steppe is vast and offers some of the most breathtaking scenery we have ever experienced. We drift the river for seven days covering almost 100 kilometres. A bonus by-catch are the Lenok and Amur trout that sip dry flies all day long and average around 4lbs. This is a trip of a lifetime!