You will find a rod to suit your specific requirements within the range of Horizon fly rods.

Our rods are built on 4-piece blanks that leverage the latest Nanohoop technology.
We have specified only the best quality components, including grips turned from FLOR grade cork.

Rods are presented in a partitioned bag with a protective Cordura covered tube.
We back up all our rods with readily available spare sections.
These rods build on the legacy of the previous MRS, TRS and XRS range of rods

  • Horizon Nitro Fly RodHorizon Nitro Fly Rod
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Horizon Nitro Fly Rod

This series of fly rods points to a new direction in high-performance fly rods.

They have been developed for the angler looking for extra distance and wind-beating line speed on still waters.

We developed these rods from the ground up, utilizing the latest construction methods and new age materials.

All Nitro models are 9 foot long, 4-piece rods. They feature internally re-enforced, tip over butt joints. They are finished in a lustrous metallic olive and are fitted with top quality guides and reel seats. FLOR grade cork is used for grips.

Nitro rods are supplied, as standard, with a spare tip and second section.

  • Horizon Tactical Freshwater Fly RodHorizon Tactical Freshwater Fly Rod
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Horizon Tactical Freshwater Fly Rod

The Horizon Tactical Freshwater Fly Rods have been designed to provide anglers with a well-rounded, high-performance fly rod.

The Horizon Tactical Series Fly Rods cover all aspects of freshwater fishing in Southern Africa, from tackling tiny alpine streams with the 1-weight, to chasing largemouth yellowfish with the 7-weight.

Our design philosophy was to develop a range of rods that excelled at each of its own disciplines.

The 1-weight has a quick action to deliver flies on target with minimal false casts.

The 3-weight is designed to fish rivers and stream where control and presentation is key. It also has enough backbone to fish on small ponds.

Our 5-weight rod is designed as an allrounder, it is as comfortable on Sterkfontein Dam as it is in Dullstroom or tubing a KZN lake.

The 7-weight has enough pulling power to tackle any freshwater species in South Africa. It can also be used for light saltwater fishing and has been fitted with saltwater-safe components.

  • Horizon Tactical Saltwater Fly RodHorizon Tactical Saltwater Fly Rod
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Horizon Tactical Saltwater Fly Rod

The Horizon Tactical Saltwater Fly Rods are built for the demands of the saltwater angler.

The blank is finished in a metallic blue, all the fittings are saltwater safe with an anodised reel seat. They are built tough to manage harsh saltwater environments.

Having fished in numerous saltwater environments, we designed and developed these rods to cast well, without sacrificing pulling power. These are high performing casting rods, but we have maintained all the power in the butt section you will need.

The 9-weight is a great flats rod, but is equally at home casting an intermediate line in the surf, or a heavy sinking line on the Zambezi.

The 12-weight will deliver a fly accurately at distance and has more than enough stopping power to subdue any flats species.

Our 15-weight the lifting power to beat any Bluewater species.

  • Horizon Tactical Competition Fly RodHorizon Tactical Competition Fly Rod
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Horizon Tactical Competition Fly Rod

Horizon Tactical Competition Fly Rod have been designed from the ground up with input from the country’s leading competitive anglers. It was carefully thought out and designed with the utmost attention to detail.

We incorporated many innovative design ideas to improve the fishability of the series. Using a down-locking reels seat on the 3-weight for balance, but an up-locking reel seat on the 6-weight to allow better rotation.

All rods are fitted with black single-foot snake guides, and reversed stripping guides, to reduce line wraps and tangles. All blanks are finished in matt black; with ultra-short black thread wraps to guides with limited epoxy finish to the thread. With alignment dots, , they are easy to assemble and measurement wraps offer quick on-stream fish length measurement.

Actions are quick and responsive, for sensitivity and line control, Recovery is super quick and butt sections have more than enough power to ensure fish are landed quickly.

  • Horizon Rookie Fly RodHorizon Rookie Fly Rod
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Horizon Rookie Fly Rod

The Horizon Rookie Fly Rod is the perfect rod for the beginner fly-fisher. The Rookie rod plugs an entry-level price point, but the rod is anything but entry-level when it comes to performance.

The design team created a forgiving rod, but retaining a powerful, fast action feel, allowing for casting stroke errors, without a degradation in performance.

With a medium-fast action, the rod is great to learn on, but will not be outgrown after the initial learning curve. Beautifully finished in gloss black, the rods look good, feel great and fish above their price-point.

Horizon Rookie Fly Fishing Starter Kit

The Horizon Rookie Fly Fishing Starter Kit is perfect for someone starting out.

Apart from a few fishing tools the kit has everything need to go fishing:

  • Horizon Rookie 5-weight, 4-piece rod.
  • Horizon Rookie 5/6-weight reel.
  • Scientific Anglers Aircel 5-weight fly-line.
  • Scientific Anglers 7 1/2′ 3X leader.
  • Scientific Anglers 4X nylon tippet spool (30m)
  • Scientific Anglers 20lb Dacron backing – 100m.
  • 24x Freshwater/Trout flies.
  • Horizon Fly box.