Horizon Tactical Competition Fly Rods

The new Horizon Tactical Competition Series of rods has been designed from the bottom up with input from some of the world’s leading competitive anglers.

The rods have been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost attention to detail.

The 3-weight rod is specifically designed for Euro-style with a quick action and sensitive tip and the butt of the rod has been strengthened for anglers who want to target large fish on light tackle.

The versatile 6-weight rod is perfect for Euro-style nymphing as well as making long casts on still waters. The additional strength in the rod’s butt will assist in subduing big fish, while the sensitive tip helps register subtle bites from nymphing fish and protects the lightest of tippets.


Horizon Tactical Competition Nymph rods utilize state-of-the art Nanohoop  graphite technology, top quality fittings and feature bleached AAAA grade cork and reversed half-wells grips.

Balance Control

The utilisation of a down-locking reel seat on the 3-weight rod transfers the rod’s swing-weight further down the rod to enhance feel and sensitivity in the tip. The 6-weight rod has an up-locking reel seat with double locking rings. There is a small fighting butt on both rod models.

Measurement Wraps

Incorporated into the superb finishes of the rods are measurements wraps, placed 30cm and a further 20cm from the butt, giving a total length of 50cm from the end of the fighting butt. This allows the angler quick and easy access to important measurements.

Competition Single-Foot Guides

Micro wire single foot guides have been used on the entire rod.

Inverted Stripping Guide

As a protection against line wrapping around the stripping guide, they have been inverted so the line can flow up the sides of the guide structure if it coils due to slack.

Additional Guides

An additional single-foot guide per section reduces line slap and lateral line movement along the blank.

Quick Assembly

All sections have witness marks, or alignment dots for easy assembly.

Rod protection

Horizon Tactical Competition Nymph rods come packaged in a partitioned cotton bag inside a protective, zip-up Cordura tube.

Back-up service

Replacement sections are available from Frontier Fly Fishing.

Horizon Tactical Competition Series 3100-4

3-Weight, 10-foot 0-inch, 4-piece rod.

This highly adaptable 10-foot, 3-weight rod is perfect for Euro-style nymphing. This rod is capable of casting and managing teams of nymphs but also presents dry flies, or dry and dropper teams accurately and delicately. The 10-foot length assists with extra reach and allows the angler to keep a maximum amount of line off the water. This improves drifts by reducing line-to-water entry angles and helps maintain contact with flies.

Horizon Tactical Competition Series 6100-4

6-Weight, 10-foot 0-inch, 4-piece rod.

This versatile, 10-foot, 6-weight rod is perfect for Euro-style nymphing but is also excellent at generating high line speed and delivering a range of flies to distant targets. The rod’s powerful butt will assist in subduing big fish, but the sensitive tip helps register subtle bites and protects light tippets.