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  • Accessories

    Accessories (151)

    Accessories make your fishing easier. Nipper, forceps, caddies and whatever else is needed for your day on the water. We carry a complete line of fly-fishing accessories to meet the needs of all fly anglers.
  • Bags Packs and Vests

    Bags Packs and Vests (56)

    Bags Packs and Vests from the world's two premier manufacturers - Simms and Fishpond. Between these two brands you'll find a bag, pack or vest to suit your needs. If you're looking for a conventional vest then Simms has a product to fit the bill. If you're looking for a vest that's more funky and out there then Fishpond is…
  • Boots and Waders

    Boots and Waders (26)

    Boots and Waders are your protection from the elements and give you grip in the water. Choosing a long lasting set up is important and can make or break your fishing trip. Frontier Fly Fishing distributes Simms Fishing Products - the world's leading manufacturer of wading gear. Simms is far and away the leader where wading boots (both fresh- and…
  • Clothing

    Clothing (54)

    Clothing - "There's no such thing as bad weather - just inappropriate clothing". Simms is the market leader when it comes to fly-fishing apparel and is at the forefront of fly-fishing apparel design. If you're looking for a Solarflex shirt for the saltwater flats of a rain shell for your stream or stillwater fishing, Simms has the clothing that will…
  • Eyewear

    Eyewear (30)

    Eyewear offers protections for the fly angler from errant flies. And quality polarised sunglasses will cut through the glare and allow you to see into the water. Finding fish and seeing the waters sub structure. Frontier Fly Fishing carries a premium line of polarised eyewear for fly-fishing - Maui Jim -  and a cheaper line of eyewear - Bourbon -…
  • Flies

    Flies (80)

    Flies that catch fish. Our flies are designed to catch fish, not anglers. We have a comprehensive range of fresh and saltwater p tterns designed by the best anglers and guides. Our patterns are tied by Scientific Fly, Fishient, Flyz Inc and Bluewater Flies. We have flies which cover all the options where patterns for trout and yellowfish are concerned.…
  • Float Tubing

    Float Tubing (14)

    Float Tubing is the next level for your fly fishing growth. Float tubes allow you to fish water that is unreachable from the bank. It allows you fish channels and deeper water that bank-bound anglers cannot reach from the shore. All the staff members at Frontier Fly Fishing are avid float tubers and have been tubing since float tubes first…
  • Fly Boxes

    Fly Boxes (41)

    Fly Boxes protect your flies, while keeping them in order. Consider how much you've invested in putting your fly selection together when choosing the right fly box. Frontier Fly Fishing is the South African distributor of C&F Design and Tacky. Between these two brands you'll find a box to meet your every need. These two brands are the premier brands…
  • Fly Fishing Reels

    Fly Fishing Reels (31)

    Fly Fishing Reels for all conditions, situations and fish species. Frontier Fly Fishing distributes all the world's leading fly reel brands including Abel, Ross, Sage, Waterworks Lamson and Iwana. These reels cater for all line weights from 1-wt to 15-wt lines. In addition to these brands Frontier Fly Fishing also markets its own reels under its Horizon brand. These reels…
  • Fly Fishing Rods

    Fly Fishing Rods (17)

    Fly Fishing Rods to suit all your needs. We stock Sage fly rods and Horizon fly rods for any fly fishing situation and condition. From a dainty, small stream 1-wt to a behemoth-taming 15-wt. Frontier Fly Fishing is the South African distributor for the Sage fly rod and reel brand. In addition to the Sage brand, Frontier Fly Fishing also…
  • Fly Lines

    Fly Lines (59)

    Fly lines can make or break your fishing experience. Balancing a line to a fly rod is extremely important in today’s age of mostly fast action fly rods. Scientific Anglers is the market leader in fly line innovation and development. Their new technologies continue to lead the market. We’ve been using their products since the mid-80s and we’ve never looked…
  • Fly Tying Materials

    Fly Tying Materials (293)

    Fly Tying Materials of the best quality allow you to tie flies of the highest standard. Brands like Hareline, Whiting Farms, Tiemco, Veniard and Fishient produce the best products available for the South African tyer. All of our staff members are avid fly tyers and some of us have been tying flies for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on…
  • Fly Tying Tools

    Fly Tying Tools (66)

    Fly Tying Tools that cover all the bases and help you tie better flies. Brands such as C&F Design, Tiemco, Loons Outdoors and Renzetti, product the best Fly Tying Tools on the market.
  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers (6)

    Gift Vouchers can be redeemed in-store or on-line. No need to worry if it is the right thing... a gift voucher is always the the right thing. Buy a gift voucher and send it to your friends or relatives. Simply select the vouchers you want and add them to your cart. Once you've done the that, you will be asked…
  • Leaders Tippet Backing

    Leaders Tippet Backing (33)

    Leaders Tippet Backing are your connection to the fish. Your tippet is your final yard, your leader the last three yards, and the backing is what keeps you attached to a trophy fish. Frontier Fly Fishing distributes the world's two premium leader and tippet brands - Scientific Anglers and TroutHunter. Both manufacturers produce what are considered the best leader and…
  • New In Store

    New In Store (43)

    New In Store is where you will find all our new and exiting products. We are always bringing new products and brands to the South African market. Keep checking this page for all our New In Store products.
  • On Special

    On Special (12)

    On Special is where you can find discounted products or ranges. We will only discount products that have run their time span and have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Snake Gaiters

    Snake Gaiters (1)

    Snake Gaiters off the wearer snake bite protection on the lower leg. All our gaiters have been tested on the most dangerous snakes and offer complete protection. We offer various types of gaiters, for different applications. From fishing and hiking to industrial and field work applications.

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